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Experience counts.

Our number one concern is client satisfaction with our cleaning services, and it always will be. We take a comprehensive, tailored approach to our assignments: taking the time to think about the best course of action before executing the task with determination, passion, and integrity. From house cleaning to office cleaning services and more. We provide over 20 years experience and guaranteed results or we come back and fix it. Custom cleaning plans and affordable rates start wih us.  

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We offer services for

  • Daycare centers
  • Medical offices
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Daycare centers
  • Places of worship
  • Fitness centers
  • Industrial sites 

and more.....

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Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly service we will customize a professional cleaning program to meet your facilities needs. The cleaning service options we offer are:



  • horizontal surfaces cleared of dust and build up.
  • trash emptied.
  • keyboards, telephones, doorknobs and light switches disinfected.
  • carpets vacuumed.



  • sinks, tables and chairs, trash, vestibules and counters disinfected with safe effective product.
  • appliances such as toasters, microwaves, vending machines, and refrigerators cleaned and wiped down.
  • floors swept, mopped, and shined.
  • trash emptied.
  • paper products refilled.



  • toilets thoroughly cleaned and disinfected including stalls, tiled walls and surrounding floor.
  • sinks wiped down with safe disinfectant.
  • trash cans emptied.
  • floors swept and mopped.
  • cabinets wiped down.
  • paper products refilled.



  • Every window in your building will sparkle and shine using our quality streak-free cleaner and superior cloth. We pay extra attention to windows in lobbies and reception areas.



  • We will discuss with you the location to dispose of your trash and will be sure to respect any recycling/eco-friendly practices you participate in.



  • We provide a daily maintenace program for all types of solid surface floors such as wood, linolium, tile, VCT, marble, slate, engineer and vinyl.
  • Sometimes removing old wax and applying new floor finish is needed to maintain that beautiful apearance.


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